Big Boys Ride-Labour Day Long Weekend 2015

We had been trying to find a route and bumped into a group of guys heading that way, so we tagged along….

AK going to say hi_5565

They were at the edge of the plateau, having a look at the hill climb to come…

Group of guys checking out the Climb_5564

I followed in earnest, but my little wheels spun in the loose gravel…

I finally made it up and though it sure wasn’t pretty the views made up for it.

First Summit Gripped_5569

As I rested, getting my nerve up for the next bit, I snapped a few shots…

First Summit Views_5567

First Summit Views_5572

Hill Climbs As Far as You Can See_5573

Lake View 1st Summit_5571

Slope on Summit_5577

1st Summit Ridge_5575

More Hills_5574

Andy shows me the way…

AK showing the way_5566

And then, down, down, down…

Boyz Ride_5579

A rest and a sandwich, meeting the guys

Big Boys Hill Climb_5580

And watching them climb this 1000′ very steep and loose as snow hill climb on their 450’s

Downhill Slalom_5553

And  slaloming down

Lake View_5582

Another awesome view point…then into some mucky, steep single track.

By this point I was so tired I could barely pull in the clutch. Tyler from Squamish traded his Beta trials bike with me for a bit, and took my bike when I got stuck…which where a few times! Thanks a bunch Tyler!


We all made it up and out safe and sound…well except for a couple of bikes, with a pierced rad, broken spoke and flat tire


A great bunch of guys, super riders as we heard they started their ride by going UP 20 min. trail!

When a few jeeps drove by, the herd moved off the road, “mooing” as they did..hilarious!


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