Emergency back country communication devices

For years I’ve been out in the back country, often solo. This weekend 3 of us were out riding in the back country. We were on single track and pretty far from any logging roads, when we came across another small group of moto riders. One of the guys had busted his leg pretty badly.

His foot was turned around so that it faced the “wrong” way.

The group had a “spot” satellite messenger and sent out an “S.O.S” but were not sure if it worked, so we took down some phone numbers to contact when we got back into cell service which was about a 4 hour ride away.

When we got back into cell service and called our moto buddy’s contact we were happy to hear that his S.O.S message had been received and that he got a heli flight out to the nearest hospital.

I have never carried such an emergency device but on the way home, definitely did some deep thinking about getting one.

There are quite a few different units to choose from, though I am leaning toward an In Reach product for the two-way communication and GPS features.





Satellite messenger reviews:




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